A propos de Ball Is Life Agency

AresAs a starting basketball agent for me the most important is integrity. It's all about caring about your clients and wanting to see them succeed in their careers as well in their personal lives.
I am personally motivated by doing the best job that i can do.

Due to my professional sport experience and my age i have the wisdom to advise and manage my clients and help them with the rough lifes that professionelly athletes live.


As a young kid i started to play soccer because of my dad (ex professional soccer player). But after i fell in love with basketball, especially when i saw nba games and for me the court was the place to be.
I started to play basket really late but i was motivated to succeed and reach my goal , to make my dream my life.

After playing in different kind of countries ,on different levels and winning titles now is the moment for me to share my experience and help other players to achieve their goals.